Connected in breath

An installation that subtly stimulates the senses through light, touch and smell. Focused to calm down and connect with oneself or the other. 

Whilst following the course “Religion as fiction” I looked into what similarities there are within all the different religions we have in the world, and how this can be translated and used to understand ourselves and find connection with the people around us. Within the world there is still a lot of division between ourselves and other humans because of different systems of belief.

It began to take shape when I found out that the breath is a red thread that is described or utilised with a similar fashion in almost all religions. the breath is described as the connection to our soul and is studied within multiple cultures to become aware of ourselves.

Viewed in a more western scientific approach there are many studies that show how the breath changes your physiology. From here on I started to look more in to how your physiology could be altered through the senses. 

The installation is meant to be entered barefoot, stimulating the nerve ending in you feet. In the center is a big breathing light pulsing in the warm and soft colours stimulating connection and communication. The sand is infused with the smell of the beach, linking you with the feeling of vacation. Down below there are a few examples of how the color of light that could be used within the installation.

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